Corporate Social Responsibility

Lyn Oakes limited are a family run company, with a personal approach to their clothing services, products and business values. Lyn Oakes run an ongoing CSR project, continuing to make relevant and conscious actions towards their environmental impact and corporate sustainability as a business. As their customers look with a mindful approach to selecting their suppliers, Lyn Oakes have outlined some key proactive CSR actions they are taking as a business.

British Cloth Suppliers

  • Lyn Oakes are proud to predominantly use British woven cloths sourced from British mills for their core uniform garments. Their suppliers employ a skilled local workforce, whom live in local areas contributing to the local economy and community. Many of the cloth mills Lyn Oakes use are also family owned businesses, built on generations of expertise.
  • By sourcing British made cloths, trims and fabrics where we can, Lyn Oakes minimise their use of international air freight.


  • Lyn Oakes mainly supply uniforms made from wool, which is a natural fibre. Many of their core funeral wear garments (such as overcoats, tailcoats and jackets) are made from a herringbone wool cloth which is formal, warm and hardwearing.
  • Some bespoke tailored garments use different cloths according to style, weight, occasion and budget. In this sector we advise our customers on selecting British made cloths; specifically with an element of a natural fibre such as mohair, silk, wool or cotton.
  • One cloth mill we work with is able to source wool, weave, and dye and finish a cloth with all elements constructed within a 20 mile radius of their factory in the north of England.
  • We are able to supply a corporate suit collection with cloth made from recycled plastic bottles.
  • Lyn Oakes can offer digital printed cloths, suitable for aprons, blouses and scarves. Digital printing reduces cloth waste, and can be ordered from as little as 1 meter in length.
  • Some of our cloth merchants dispatch cut lengths of cloth in paper casing rather than plastic, for example Bateman Ogden.

Corporate Uniforms from Supplier Partners

  • Lyn Oakes supply corporate uniforms as part of their collections on offer, many of which have their own CSR policies.
  • When ordering Lyn Oakes aim to amalgamate orders into batch orders, thus reducing multiple deliveries of items from the same supplier.
  • Through our corporate suiting styles, we are able to supply a collection with cloth made from an average of 45 recycled bottles.
  • Lyn Oakes can supply organic cotton t shirts for company uniforms.
  • Lyn Oakes can supply technical fabric for tailoring, especially for uniform performance and durability.
  • Our suit-hire supplier partner dispatches suits in a reusable box without hangers; reducing packaging.


  • By making high quality uniforms Lyn Oakes is proud to shun fast-fashion disposable culture. Thedesigns are classic in style, to stand the test of time and trends and allowing for less seasonal changes whereby excess stock could be stored.
  • Lyn Oakes produce both UK and European made garments. If you request an all UK made uniform, we would be happy to arrange this.
  • Many of our shoe suppliers are UK based, such as Barker and Loake who both have UK factories.
  • The cloth for stock items are cut using laser cutting machines, with modern factory practices- minimising waste.
  • Our leading manufacturing facility dispatches stock via road, rather than air freight.


  • All new bespoke garments aim to be delivered in breathable, reusable garment bags- made from recycled Polypropylene fabric.
  • Our garments have paper swing tickets which can be recycled.
  • Postal shipments are predominantly sent in recyclable cardboard boxes.


  • Lyn Oakes currently send their UK shipments via DPD, or by hand delivery. DPD vans make collection daily through the working week to the Lyn Oakes warehouse. See here for their CSR details.
  • International shipments are sent via Fed Ex, their CSR details can be found from here.

Vehicles & Visits

  • The sales teams at Lyn Oakes operate their visits to clients via new Volkswagen cars, with stop-start engines, and aerodynamic design. Company cars have Bluemotion technology, emitting reduced carbon dioxide levels.
  • Despite covering vast areas of the country, our sales representatives aim to be as time and fuel efficient as possible by teaming appointments in local areas together.

In House

  • In house – we aim to use double sided printing to reduce paper waste where possible.
  • Our in-house warehouse and offices run their heating off electrical power sources, and are professionally insulated. The offices are lit using long lasting, energy efficient strip lighting.
  • Exhibition stand backdrops, furniture and signage are all reused.
  • Our computers have automated screen savers, and at night computers are switched off to reduce energy consumption.
  • Printer ink cartridges are recycled.
  • We offer a downloadable copy of our brochure on our website to save printing if it is not required.
  • Hotel clients are emailed a PDF copy of uniform design proposals, actively reducing our in-house printing.
  • We hold in-house sale events to sell surplus stock rather than sending to landfill.
  • Our offices are on the outskirts of a small town, whereby employees have the option to travel to work using public transport.