Find out more on the specialist fabrics, materials & trims in our designs.


  • We predominently work with British cloth manufacturers, sourcing the finest quality fabrics to craft our designs in.
  • Buying British means we have built strong working relationships with our suppliers, whom we have worked with and supported for decades.
  • We source both woven fabrics and many of our linings from British sources, aiming to keep our supply chain as local as possible.



  • We work with woolen fabrics because they are;
    • natural
    • renewable & biodegradable
    • wrinkle resistant
    • hardwearing
    • naturally breathable, warm or cool & adaptable to the body's temperature
    • odour, stain, UV & fire resistant
  • The majority of our key uniforms are made from British woven 100% wool herringbone cloth.
  • Wool can be dyed into different colours and woven into incredible patterns, weave structures and designs to create amazing pure wool or mixed fibre/wool cloths for all kinds of garments.
  • The weight and handle of the fabric can vary according to the construction and finish of the cloth.
  • We have wool fabric options for heavyweight outerwear, lightweight eveningwear and everything inbetween.


  • In 2008 Lyn Oakes were the first funeralwear uniform suppliers to bring out an 'Eco' conscious range of uniforms. We developed a fabric for uniforms that was made from recycled materials, paired with natural corozo nut buttons and self decomposing garment bags.
  • For clients who are more mindful towards their impact on the environment we have an array of natural fibres to work with, or fabrics that are made from recycled plastic.
  • Whilst many of our cloth mills are British based, we have the option to source fabric that has had wool sourced from a 20 mile radius of the mill in which it was woven. This might appeal to those clients who are looking for a truly local product.
  • Many of our cloth suppliers have their own Corporate Social Responsibility messages outlining ways in which their business is being more mindful towards the impact on the environment. Please see their individual websites for details or see our Lyn Oakes in-house CSR policy here.