All Lyn Oakes overcoats & raincoats are dry clean only.

We advise for you to keep your outerwear on a well structured hanger, placed in a breathable suit carrier. Keeping the garment hung away from other garments is good, to protect the shape and allowing the garment to air.

Our coats are made mainly from natural wool fibres, therefor have a natual wicking system to the fabric. We advise the coat to be dried flat or hung and naturally in a warm room, not placed on any direct heat. The coat should be aired away from other garments for a few days until it is completely dry. If the garment is totally sodden, we would also advise having the garment dry cleaned as an extra precaution to keep it looking its best.

Keeping your uniform in great condition should mean it can last several years. We advise using your uniform in rotation, wearing different looks as the season changes is a great way to do this and dress accordingly to the weather conditions. To give the look a boost, a dry clean should freshen it up from any scuffs. We also love using a three way brush in order to buff away any small marks in the fabric, or removing any lint that it has picked up.


Due to the delicate nature used in our bespoke tailoring, we advise that any Lyn Oakes bespoke garments are dry cleaned. This should keep the garment clean and fresh, without altering the look and feel of the chosen cloth.

We use high quality cloths, which all vary according to the weight, contents and manufacture meaning one rule does not apply to every garment. We do make some bespoke washable fabric dresses and trousers which can be washed and worn more frequently, but please ask us if you are unsure.

Looking after your Lyn Oakes suit is really important to get the most out of it. We advise you have garments on rotation so that you spread the wear. Doing this will also allow the garments to breathe, which is also achieved by airing them away from other garments in between wears. Keeping the suit in a secure breathable garment bag, and hung, will be perfect for protecting it in the wardrobe. You might even consider some lavender bags to deter moths away from any wool or cashmere fabrics.

Of course you can. We advise you let us know at an appointment the general purpose of the suit, so that we can help you select cloths according to your wearing requirements.

We are here to help Monday to Friday. Please contact us and we can assist you with ammending or relining the jacket.


Certainly, many of our business suit collections have garments that can be washed easily. For example our business suit dresses, which are easy to look after at home, and require minimal ironing too.

All our shirts are machine washable. We advise keeping coloured shirts separate to white shirts, and white shirts to be placed in a hotter cycle.


Our top hats are a luxury investment and need caring for in order to keep special. We advise keeping the hats in a specific hat box so that the shape stays intact. We sell these online in our top hat section.


If purchased through us, we are able to send faulty shoes back to the Loake, Barker or Clarke's factories to be reviewed. Please contact us if you require any further information.

Many of our Barker or Loake shoes are traditional in style, featuring the classic leather sole. To get the most out of these shoes we would avoid wearing in the rain or wet weather, or have a non slip rubber sole added at your local cobbler.